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About Phunky Fungi

Welcome to the Forest…

Phunky Fungi is a movement.

We are a community that stands for good vibes & frenship. A movement that will catapult the growth & adoption of Web 3.0 together as one.

The Phunky Fungi is a collection of 5,300 unique companions that will lead you on a majestic adventure in to the metaverse. The journey starts with good karma, phunkadelic threads, psychedelic surprises and so much more that you will discover on your trip…

As we dive farther down the rabbit hole, holders will be invited to the forest… a universe of endless possibility and psychedelic experience. This experience is intended to heal and enlighten, opening your mind to the beauty and potential of Web 3.0.

Now grab a spore to join us on an endless trip into the metaverse where physical meets digital… where possibilities are infinite… where art, culture and community melt into one.

Enjoy the trip.